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Sterling silver was initially discovered in the European continent and has been known to man from as early as the 12th century where it was used to make pennies, buckles, tools, and several other useful items, however, with the continuously changing and adapting world, the main use of sterling silver has shifted and now it is more commonly used for making jewelry along with other few things. Sterling silver set jewelry market has grown at an exponential rate with the introduction of different designs every day to fulfill the jewelry desires.

Different companies manufacture and use sterling silver to make jewelry sets and other goods as business to get income, however, some people just do it as a hobby from the comfort of this home as it is not a very hard process and can be done with a little bit of dedication and creativity. There are mainly 4 methods of making sterling silver set jewelry.

Sterling silver set jewelry

Sculpting clay.

This is one of the most used methods to make sterling silver set jewelry and for this method; you will need a heat source, sterling silver clay, some styling options, sandpaper, and a wire brush. First of all, you will need some sterling silver clay which can be easily purchased online if you want to experiment yourself or if you are a company, you will probably buy in bulk from a factory. The second step is to sculpt the sterling silver clay into whatever design or shape you prefer by the help of a knife or any handy sculpting tools.

Companies have automatic machines that sculpt the clay and make designs with fine details and precision. wholesale jewelry  Make sure to account for the shrinking ability of sterling silver clay as it is known to shrink at the time of heating; therefore make the design slightly bigger than what you want it to turn out. After the process of sculpting, leave your sterling silver set jewelry overnight to let them dry properly overnight, and the next morning use sandpaper to smooth the surface and prepare it for the next step. The next step is to put your jewelry set for heating and this can be done in several ways.

Sterling silver set jewelry

You can use a normal kitchen gas stove or a blow torch and in both of these, you are supposed to heat the sterling silver set jewelry the whole set evenly glows red and keep it for several minutes. Companies use specialized jewelers kiln which can do the healing process at a faster rate, is a lot safer than a regular stove and it can do a larger quantity of sterling silver set jewelry at once. The purpose of this heating is to remove any impurities like binding material present in the clay.

The sixth step is to let the sterling silver set jewelry cool down so it can become solid and then begin the last step which is to use any polishing agent and a smooth towel to polish your newly manufactured sterling silver set jewelry and give it the shine it deserves.


Soldering Silver.

This is the easiest method for making sterling silver set jewelry at home and in this method, you join several pieces of sterling silver together to make a  proper jewelry set. The first thing that you need to do is to examine the silver you have. If it is dirty or oxidized then put a degreasing solution on it and clean the silver with care, Wholesale ring  once clean, apply flux onto the silver with the help of a brush especially on the areas that need to be soldered. Now hold the silver with the help of tweezers and solder it to the other piece of silver that you want to join.

sterling silver set jewelry


Once the solder melts completely in the gap between the silver design pieces that you attached, wait for it to become solid and first dip it into a water bath and then into pickle solution that removes oxidization. To make your sterling silver set jewelry extra pretty, you can also add colorful gemstones or pearls to enhance the beauty of it.

Tip: Make sure you sit in a very well ventilated room when soldering silver because gases released during the process can be harmful and also make sure to wear protective gloves and protective glasses to keep yourself safe.


Saw and Buff machines.

This method is for making smaller jewelry sets that can easily fit into your hand. You will need a jeweler’s saw, buffing machine, a polishing compound, and a clean cloth. Now think of whatever design you want to make with the sterling silver and sketch it out on a piece of paper. Now trace the design onto the silver and then use the jewelers saw to cut the silver into the design you made.

sterling silver set jewelry


After you have cut and made your sterling silver set jewelry or pendant, use the polishing agent and buffing machine to polish the surface evenly and remove any sharp edges left during the cutting process. You can even use a cloth to further clean and polish your sterling silver set or pendant.


Forging Silver Jewelry.

This method is mainly used for adding extra minor physical details to already made jewelry however it can also be used to make new sterling silver set jewelry. For this, you will need a hammer and some other shaping tools. Use a hammer to and hit the piece of silver repeatedly to make the desired shape out of it and then either add it as a design on top of the sets or make a new set from it.

sterling silver set jewelry

There are multiple methods to make good and lasting sterling silver set jewelry as long as you follow the correct procedure, use good quality sterling silver and use proper tools for making the sets; moreover, you need to take proper care of your sterling silver set jewelry and they will last you a lifetime and they will help you look fabulous at all times.

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