925 silver stamp
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How can you identify the 925 silver stamp?

How to see the 925 silver stamp between genuine and fake.

925 silver stamp

Most of the people are often confused about real and fake silver. And no way you can determine except the 925 silver stamp. These days even the fake jewelry comes with the stamp, but can you identify if it’s real or not? We know this is the concern of most people, and they want to find authentic jewelry with a genuine stamp. A minimal number of people can understand the difference between the real and the fate 925 silver stamp. So, with this article, you can understand and identify the tab, which is genuine and not fake. Don’t waste your money or invest your money in something that is not worth it.

Let’s start finding out and discovering what the best way to identify the Silver stamp is. You may be skeptical about various jewelry pieces that do not cost a lot, but they claim to be the real silver, but not all the time is the claims correct.

925 silver stamp

This is why it is best to know the real 925 silver stamp and the difference between the real and the fake stamps. With the knowledge of the real and fake stamp, you will no longer be fooled by anybody on the Internet or in person while you are buying silver jewelry. wholesale jewelry  Women love silver jewelry, which is why most buyers do not consider the quality and the quality of silver, and they get fooled by the aesthetics.

So, to avoid any further confusion between the real or fake silver, we will tell you to have to identify it accurately.

How to identify the real 925 silver jewelry?

Here are a few ways to know if the jewelry that you are buying is real or not.

The imprint of 925 silver stamp

925 silver stamp

The person that you need to check whenever you are buying silver jewelry pieces that if there is a 925 silver stamp or not. If the silver jewelry has no Stamp on the jewelry, it must be fake, and you should not invest your money in jewelry that is fake and does not has an imprint on it. Instead, you can look for a jewelry piece that offers you a 925 silver stamp and also watches for the silver quality. The primary purpose of implementing the 925 silver Stamp on the jewelry is to ensure that the jewelry is authentic and not fake.


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The silver jewelry does not turn very quickly, and if it is tarnishing easily and promptly, it must not be the real silver jewelry. Tarnishing is one sign to differentiate the real and fake silver jewelry. You can compare the authentic silver jewelry and the fake one because of the tarnishing feature. It will turn green, or Shine of the fake silver jewelry dull down as soon as you wear it.

Feel the silver

925 silver stamp

You will feel a significant difference between the real silver jewelry and the fake silver jewelry. The fake silver jewelry is bumpy and scratchy, whereas the authentic silver jewelry is good and perfect. You will also smell something unnatural from the fake silver jewelry. That smell can resemble with Sulphur or anything chemical. Wholesale ring  Also, the fake silver jewelry will not look as feeling like the real silver jewelry. Also, you will easily peel off, and there will be different layers of metal with distorted colors.


925 silver stamp

If the price of the silver jewelry super low, you can be sure that the silver jewelry is not real. The silver jewelry is not super cheap. So, if you are getting the silver jewelry in a few bucks, you must be aware that it may be imitation silver jewelry. You can check it by using a soft White cloth and review it for the blackmarks. If there are no black marks on the White cloth, it may be fake jewelry.

Try the magnet test

925 silver stamp

Real silver is not affected by a magnet. So, if you check your silver ring or silver jewelry with any matter, it should not have any effect. In case if the Silver is attracted to the magnet, then you should be sure that it is not real silver, and it is just a piece of metal that is polished.

Hidden signs

 925 silver stamp

Most of the time, you will not easily see the 925 silver stamp sign on the silver jewelry. You will have to search for it a little bit. When you finally find out the signs, that can be in the hidden positions where you cannot easily see it. But make sure that you find and inspect the silver jewelry properly before you declare it a fake silver piece. The silver jewelry will have written 925 silver, sterling silver, or just Sterling in some part of the silver jewelry. Once you find out this system, you are good to go, and you can be sure that the silver jewelry is real and made of absolutely perfect material.

Once you find out the 925 silver stamp, you no longer have to worry. It will not necessarily be a 925 silver stamp always. But you can look for other signs as well. You can use the magnet test, for you can also try the smell test. There are other features and other aspects as well that you can try with your silver jewelry to ensure if it is real or not.

Make sure you invest your money in silver jewelry that is worth buying and not just a piece of metal once you have the silver jewelry take care of it properly. The Silver jewelry tarnishes and oxidizes quickly. You have to be careful when you are storing silver jewelry.

You would not want to store it carelessly so that the silver jewelry can turn black. Ensure that you are getting at polished after every few months and properly storing it in the airtight jewelry box to avoid oxidizing.

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