Hong’s Exquisite Art Deco Jewelry Brand

Hong’s factory is a prominent place for all the adorable and appealing jewelry items. Jewelry Brand The place is excellent for buying art deco jewelry because of the unique designs and style they offer.

Before you dive into the collection of Hong’s art deco jewelry, you must know everything about the jewelry type. Art deco jewelry is not new but came from the late 19s. It is the type of jewelry that wins hearts easily and quickly. Jewelry Brand

Hong’s Exquisite Art Deco Jewelry Brand

Jewelry Brand

What is Art Deco Jewelry?

In the 19th century, the world fair took place in Paris. The name was an international exposition of industrial and decorative arts. This art deco jewelry came from that fair. Among all other jewelry arts, this art deco type gained commendable success. Art deco was a kind of celebration for new technologies, jewelry techniques, and modern inspirations.

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Beginning of Art Deco Jewelry

It was all because of the end of World War 1 which resulted in the freedom of women. Earlier, no women were involved in business activities openly. But after the war times, women got indulged in the world of beautiful jewelry, where they never worked before. Jewelry Brand

They came up with new ideas and unique jewelry creations to bring people a new way to look stunning. The short hairstyles, sleeveless clothes, and bright makeup were behind the beautiful look of art deco jewelry. It was a whole different period for jewelry and women’s accessories.

The demand continuously increased after that, Jewelry Brand and now you can see how brands work on art deco jewelry. Brands like Van Cleef and Arpels, Fouquet, Raymond Templier, etc., focused on professional artists to create magical jewelry items with natural motifs and geometric lines. The trend also encouraged the colorful jewelry collection, which was not so popular before.

Lines were smooth; edges were sharp, designs were bold and sleek. All these features contributed to a luxurious art deco jewelry type. Unlike previously favored decent and smooth jewelry designs, the art deco style was sharp, contrasting colors and multiple lines. The jewelry type also utilized different motifs to make it look bold yet modern.


The art deco period was not alone with the geometric design and sharp lines. There were many other innovations in that period which somehow contributed to the success of this jewelry type.
– Rise of platinum once again.
– Demands for pearls
– Unique cut gemstone
– Blast of colors
– International influence
– The urge of synthetic materials
– Egyptian revival
– Traditional motifs
– Deep stone settings
– Women freedom
– Involvement of sculptors, painters, and other artists for jewelry making

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Unique Characteristics of Art Deco Jewelry

Art deco jewelry was popular in the late 19th century but was in the market since the early 19th century. Jewelry Brand The whole period includes countless art deco jewelry items. There are a few characteristics of this specific jewelry style to help you determine authentic art deco jewelry.

Platinum or White Gold

During the period when there was a rise in art deco items, platinum, and white gold were the only two items to focus on. Mostly all the jewelry was made using these materials. White gold was used to reduce the cost as compared to the platinum ones. No one prefers to wear yellow gold jewelry during that time.

Geometric Motifs

Motifs are the main characteristic of art deco jewelry. Artists used lines, edges, and shapes like rectangles, triangles, and octagons to design the jewelry. Straight lines, less space, and more symmetrical design were the reason behind the popularity of this jewelry type. Instead of a light, curvy look, the art deco jewelry looks industrial and heavy. Jewelry Brand

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European Cut

The jewelry focused on the new technology and welcomed the machine age. It was a symbol of the modern era, Jewelry Brand but the diamond cut was of old European style. No diamonds were of modern cuts. The cuts also included Asscher, transitional, and the cushion cut. These were the only cuts used for diamonds, most probably.

The gemstones were also used frequently, which was not usual. Increased gemstone usage makes these beauties colorful and sparkling. Stones like emeralds, Asscher, marquise, rubies, sapphires, corals, etc., were used mainly by the artists. The color contrast of these jewelry pieces made them unique from other jewelry styles. During this era, enamel usage was also common to create a bold look overall. Jewelry Brand


We all know about filigree, but do you know it is the main characteristic of art deco jewelry. Filigree’s work was a kind of compliment for such jewelry items. Usually, it wasn’t there in the previous times. But art deco jewelry made this intricate work quite famous. To create a filigree design, artists used wax molds from specific machinery; it is nearly impossible to replicate those designs.

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Luxurious Art Deco Jewelry by Hong’s Factory

Hong’s factory started working on exquisite jewelry items in 1917 as a newlywed couple. From the streets of Bangkok, Jewelry Brand they are now popular all over the world. Both Mr. Hong and his gemologist wife work endlessly with a professional team to offer the best jewelry range for estate and retail jewelers. Unlike new artisans, Hong’s factory still works hard for handmade jewelry.

Their art deco range is worth buying, especially if you are a fan of this particular jewelry type. Being one of the leading jewelers worldwide, Hong’s factory has a wide range of playful colors, intricate designs, unique styles, and luxuries details to make you feel blessed.

Final Verdict

Art deco jewelry type is a gorgeous jewelry type ruling the hearts since the early 19th century. Jewelry Brand It is one of the favorite jewelry styles even in the modern era. The symmetrical, sharp designs are to let you fall for them by just looking at them.

They give a bold and confident look no matter what outfit you are wearing. These intricate and exquisite jewelry designs are great for brooches as well. You can enhance your personality by wearing these colorful masterpieces.

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Hong’s has the best range for you and your loved ones Jewelry Brand if you love to wear geometric and bright jewelry items.

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