The Best Techniques for Buying a Real Silver Bracelet

Looking to purchase the best silver bracelet jewelry which is authentic and comes in exquisite designs? With a wide range of silver bracelets available in the market, it’s a daunting task to purchase authentic jewelry online or in the market.

Luckily it’s possible to choose the bracelets in intricate designs crafted by professional artisans. To buy authentic silver bracelets, you need to look at the best techniques to get your hands on the top-notch pieces.

The Best Techniques for Buying a Real Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelet

Check the prices

When buying jewelry in silver, you need to understand that silver is a precious, valuable metal reflected in its price. So if you plan to invest in the best pieces, you must remember that silver bracelets are expensive. If someone is selling bracelets at lower prices, then most probably they are selling fake bracelets.

Check the current price of silver metal in the market, which helps you assess the bracelet price. Be aware of all sales and discounts when buying jewelry pieces. When buying the silver bracelets from the local store, check the returns and refunds policy.

Silver Bracelet

Communicate with the seller

Talk to the representative or seller about the prices of silver bracelets. You can visit the store or talk to a real person on the phone, asking specific questions regarding hallmarks imprinted, sourcing, and pricing. Moreover, you can also check if the store has a physical location because it prevents scams.

Silver Bracelet


Original jewelry in silver comes with specific markings, which makes them authentic. The hallmarks on silver bracelets are discreetly placed and in tiny prints for which you might need magnifying glasses for checking the hallmark.

Make sure to check the sterling, .925, star over the silver bracelets. If you get jewelry pieces written with EPNS, it stands for electroplated nickel silver, indicating nickel jewelry rather than real silver. Remember that silver is malleable, easy to bend, and soft. The top-notch quality of silver jewelry comes with alloys which enhances durability.

The reputable jewelers usually focus on imprinting the stamp on their jewelry so that buyers can easily invest in the silver jewelry without any hassle of getting in touch with the appraiser or performing any physical tests.

Silver Bracelet


Authentic silver jewelry tarnishes quickly, which is a sign of its authenticity. Fake or mixed silver bracelets lose their shine over a certain period and look cheap because they are made from cheaper alloys which can turn the skin into a green color.

However, if your silver jewelry is authentic, it can be easily turned into its original sleek, shiny look once it’s polished. Some reputable jewelry brands are also plating the silver jewelry with a rhodium layer, giving it a perfect sheen look to prevent any tarnish and preserve the shine on it.

Ensure authenticity using physical tests

You can perform certain authenticity physical tests for identifying the genuine nature of silver jewelry. You can perform a magnetic test where you can place a magnet near silver jewelry. If your bracelets are genuine, then the silver won’t attract them. However, if it’s fake, then it will be easily attractive.

Other than magnetic tests, you can also rub silver jewelry using a white cloth. If your bracelets have black marks, then it’s an incredible purchase. It is only because the real silver metal oxidized with air, leading to black marks.

Sound test also helps in identifying the silver jewelry. You can tap the bracelets using objects or metal tools leading to vibration, allowing you to identify the authentic jewelry pieces.

Silver Bracelet

Storage, cleaning, and maintenance of silver bracelets

To identify the authenticity of silver jewelry, if you place them unattended over the dressing table or side tables, it can tarnish due to exposure to oxygen. You can also add anti-tarnish strips within the bags that prevent tarnish for silver jewelry.

Cleaning is essential for silver jewelry. If you wear your silver jewelry and don’t store them properly, it will turn tarnished and rusted because they are in close contact with the body oils leading to a speedy tarnished reaction.

If you want to check whether you invested in authentic silver bracelets, you can try wearing them in water too, which can lead to reaction causing it to tarnish. However, afterward, if you polish your silver jewelry, they will turn back to normal, which means they are pretty authentic.

Test the color

Are you seeking to buy authentic silver jewelry? Then try the color test. As soon as you expose the fake jewelry to chemicals, environmental pollutants, or heat, it will turn into a bright copperish color having a tinge of orange or green, which indicates that the base metal is only covered with a thin layer of silver on top.

Fake silver cannot be effortlessly polished. However, if your silver bracelets are genuine and exposed to air or harsh chemicals in the environment, they will turn black compared to fake jewelry pieces.

Moreover, silver does not rust; it just tarnished when exposed to chemicals or air, which needs polishing for restoring the natural color, which is silver. Moreover, if your jewelry is original, it can simply be polished, leading to standard color.

Final Verdict

It’s possible to get your hands on authentic silver jewelry, especially your bracelets, whether you are shopping online or buying the pieces from stores. When purchasing silver pieces, it’s essential to scrutinize your silver jewelry pieces to have hallmarks that indicate that your silver jewelry is authentic.

Sterling silver bracelets are a perfect rage these days, which every woman wants to adore on their hands. With a wide range of silver jewelry in the market, you can adapt these techniques to get your hands on real, authentic pieces that too without any hassle of indulging in fake jewelry.

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All products these days can be converted into fake ones. The same goes for silver bracelets. If you seek to invest in authentic jewelry pieces, you need to dive in to look at the best techniques to assess the authenticity of original jewelry pieces.

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